The mining sector is by nature a highly complex industry. Its processes and operations are intensive, risk-prone, and subject to uncontrollable weather conditions. Furthermore, the equipment used are large and complex, and are required to be used in hostile and extreme environments. It is therefore critical that equipment used in mines have to be maintained regularly to ensure they operate at peak efficiency. Our mining asset management solution supports our resources industry customers, including mining, oil and gas, to improve workplace safety, optimise the reliability of key assets and enables the monitoring of consumable stock and spare parts. An essential tool to help organisations improve safety and compliance to statutory obligations through active monitoring of asset maintenance, efficient audit activities as well as regular calibration and scheduled inspections.


Efficiency improvements and maximisation of the return on the investment into high value and critical assets is achieved through extending asset life via scheduled an ad-hoc activities addressing active maintenance and reactive repairs. Machinery, equipment, and infrastructure that are operating correctly minimises the risk of accidents, breakdowns and malfunctions. This proactive approach results in optimised utilisation of these assets and minimises unproductive outages. Additionally, the on-going monitoring of assets through effective tracking and regular audits enables individual accountability, effective sharing of assets across the organisation and supports informed decision making that helps organisations identify bottlenecks, reduce downtime, streamline processes, and enhance overall operational efficiency.


In the dynamic realm of the mining and resources sector, where every moment counts, effective tool management reigns supreme. Welcome to the world of tool management: your pathway to optimised operations, increased accountability, and amplified productivity. In an industry where the right tool at the right time can make all the difference, our software empowers organisations to streamline their tool tracking processes, ensuring that valuable assets are always accounted for and readily available when needed. With insights and comprehensive data analytics, you can make informed decisions, minimise downtime, and maximise efficiency across every aspect of your operations. Join the countless mining and resource companies already benefiting from our innovative solution and take your tool management to the next level.

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