The mining and resources sector is by nature a highly complex industry. Its processes and operations are intensive, risk-prone, and subject to uncontrollable weather conditions. Furthermore, the equipment used are large and complex, and are required to be used in hostile and extreme environments. It is therefore critical that equipment used in the mining and resource sector have to be maintained regularly to ensure they operate at peak efficiency and are safe for workers.


Machinery, equipment, and infrastructure that are operating correctly minimises the risk of accidents, breakdowns, and malfunctions. Our mining assets tracking solution supports our resources industry customers to improve workplace safety, optimise the reliability of key assets and enables the monitoring of consumable stock and spare parts. An essential tool to help organisations improve safety and compliance to statutory obligations through active monitoring of asset maintenance, efficient audit activities as well as regular calibration and scheduled inspections.


Safety Reports And Compliance Audits

Safety is of paramount importance in the mining, oil, and gas sector. Complying with legal and environmental regulations is critical to the success of any organisation operating in this sector. Hardcat mining assets tracking allows you to keep track of compliance. You can also generate safety reports and compliance audits. This helps organisations improve their safety records and reduce the chance of costly accidents and incidents.


Efficiently Managing Spare Parts and Tools

Spare parts inventory and tool management is a critical to the mining and resource sector. Hardcat solutions assist with managing the procurement, receipt, storage, and issuance of spare parts. Mining, oil, and gas companies have been using Hardcat assets tracking solutions to streamline inventory, consumables availability, reduce costs, and improve tool management.


Extending Equipment Life And Increasing Efficiency

Condition monitoring functionality enables organisations to track the condition of their assets and identify potential problems before they occur. This helps organisations improve the overall lifespan and efficiency of their equipment. This means going from reactive to proactive maintenance operations. As a result, your equipment and machinery runs more smoothly and for a longer time, avoiding or at least delaying the costly process of replacement while improving production rates.


Maintenance And Safety

The mining and resources sector workers operate large, complicated equipment, use expensive and critical tools in climatically hostile and extreme environments. And with this mixture, mining equipment maintenance is no easy venture. The typical mine maintenance manager has to contend with many issues including continuous machine repair, aging equipment, reduced funds, and worker safety concerns. Checking for wear and tear, identifying performance issues, and potential problems is a lot of hard work if you do not have an enterprise-wide solution in place.


Improve Return On Investment

The benefits of a comprehensive asset register that provides clear and accurate visibility of assets, tools, and equipment, while providing highly detailed tracking of utilisation and maintenance provides the organisation with:


• Accurate work order processing
• Work authorisation and priority setting
• Maintenance history recording and analysis
• Costing and budgeting
• Optimal asset utilisation and productivity
• Improved revenue to cost ratios
• Improved reliability and therefore repeatability of performance
• Optimised inventory costs
• Predictable equipment life
• Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership




Safety is a huge concern in the mining industry. When mining injuries, fatalities, or near-fatalities make national or international headlines, the issue becomes even more crucial. Hardcat’s software solutions assist in improving mining asset management, tool management, and enhance equipment reliability. Reducing downtime, and improving worker safety. Better management of assets and resources is one of the most direct and effective ways to improve WHS regulatory framework compliance for organisations.

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