Hardcat has a long history of providing asset certainty around the world and across a wide range of industries. Our highly flexible, asset agnostic software provides the technology that supports our customers address the aspects of asset management that are crucial for their business.


Main Problems That Will Be Solved


  • Compliance and Risk Management: Ensuring regulatory compliance and minimising risks associated with asset failure and safety violations through standardised processes and documentation.


  • Enhanced Asset Visibility: Providing comprehensive insights into the location, condition, and usage of assets, ensuring efficient utilisation and minimising losses.


Make Certainty Second Nature
  • Proactively handle regulatory demands with comprehensive company-wide controls and detailed reporting.


  • Real-time reporting for complete visibility with searchable asset data that gives you over 200 standard reports at your fingertips and a custom report writing tool. Create simple dashboards and automated alerts to access what’s important to you and have complete visibility and control of your assets at home or in the field.


  • Boost collaboration, access intelligence from anywhere with cloud-hosted SaaS options that are accessible on any web-enabled device. The smartphone and tablet application provides mobility and accessibility no matter where you are.


  • Reliability and longevity – the cornerstone of equipment maintenance lies in accurately tracking and recording regular inspections, servicing, and timely repairs to ensure reliability and longevity.


  • Build sustainability directly into your business by modifying operations and processes to consistently minimise emissions, waste, and environmental footprint.


  • Maximise resources and provide a safe work environment, enterprise asset management is crucial for promoting safety, reliability, and efficiency.




Hardcat has the experience to assist in the implementation of ISO 55000 principles to help realise your asset management plan and provide the tools that support your user’s operational activities utilising our web interface and mobile application, to ensure that asset management just becomes part of your ‘business as usual’.

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