Barcode and RFID Tagging Solutions

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Effective asset management requires choosing suitable tagging and scanning technologies to facilitate comprehensive tracking, verification, and auditing. The ideal technology combination allows for extensive audits, swift asset transactions, and maintenance, ensuring a detailed audit trail over the asset’s lifecycle. The choice between RFID and Barcodes hinges on environmental factors, tracking needs, budget, and growth potential.


What is an Asset Tag

An asset tag is a distinctive label that assigns a unique number to an item of equipment or asset for identification purposes. Asset tags are usually made of durable materials like anodized aluminium or laminated polyester. Asset tags may also include the company’s logo and information on the equipment and are used to track and manage assets with the help of asset tracking software and reader technology.


What is Barcode Tracking

Barcodes are a means for tracking assets by way of Barcode tags/labels. They are machine-readable patterns of black and white lines that encode information. They can store up to 7000 characters and are customisable. Barcodes are the most cost-effective and provide easy accessibility to asset data.


What is RFID Tracking

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a means for tracking assets by way of RFID tags which store information electronically. RFID tags do not require ‘line of sight’ and create huge reductions in the time taken for locating items as well as auditing processes. Automating time intensive audits of high volumes of assets and equipment RFID offers a fast, accurate and discreet method of identifying fixed and mobile assets.


Key Benefits of Barcode Tracking

Barcodes offer a cost-effective, easy-to-implement solution ideal for businesses with tight budgets. They’re versatile across various industries, enhance data accuracy by reducing human error, and expedite processes, improving productivity and customer service.


Key Benefits of RFID Tracking

RFID technology streamlines data collection with its contactless, automated system, minimising manual entry errors for precise tracking. It surpasses barcodes with its ability to read multiple tags at once, speeding up asset management. The tags are durable against damage and have a high data capacity for comprehensive asset tracking.


Things to Consider

What environment: will the tag need to endure (e.g., indoor/outdoor, temperature (heat, cold), exposure to weather (Sun, rain, wind).


Position of the tag: keep in mind when and how you may need to read/scan the tag in the future (e.g., audits) for example placing a tag on the back of an asset may not provide handy accessibility to the tag. Certain positions may expose the tag to heavier wear and tear.


Size of the tag required: based on the logical space available, or the distance which may be involved to scan the item during a future audit.


Durability: barcode and RFID tags can be made to withstand abrasion, extreme temperatures and weather conditions, and exposure to UV, chemicals and solvents.


Inside or outside of item: Because the RFID scanner does not need to have a visual connection with the tag, these tags can be placed inside or under the equipment. Whereas Barcodes need ‘line of sight’.


What information is required: do you want your company logo on the tag, and information such as the serial number and manufacturer or provider.




Hardcat’s software solutions are the backbone of your Barcode and RFID tracking and tagging solution, providing secure and centralised access to pertinent information about each asset. Hardcat’s specialist partners complement our asset management software with physical tags and readers technology that enable accurate and efficient reading of each asset’s unique identification, up-close or at a distance. Hardcat supports the use of a variety of Barcode symbology and RFID tracking technologies.

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