Harnessing the innovative capabilities of Hardcat’s weapons and firearms tracking not only enhances operational efficiencies but also empowers law enforcement agencies with unparalleled visibility into their armoury.


This heightened oversight enables rapid response capabilities, bolstering the effectiveness and agility of security operations and streamlines administrative processes, freeing up valuable resources for strategic tasks.


Hardcat’s law enforcement asset management solution is used by several police forces around the world to deliver benefits including:


  • Weapons firearms tracking for fast, accurate and responsible issue and return of firearms and other critical operational assets through checks of police personnel firearms licensing and validations. 
  • Chain of custody of firearms and other operational equipment ensuring accountability at all times.
  • Scheduled maintenance tasks around assets to ensuring reliability and safety of all assets, providing safe tools of trade, whilst meeting compliance obligations. 
  • Receive alerts for inventory, unreturned or missing asset, maintenance, etc. 
  • Customised dashboards for complete visibility of all assets and advanced reporting features. 
  • Reduce human error through enabling RFID/Barcode tags and quickly scanning the assets directly onto Hardcat’s platform. 
  • Dispose end-of-life assets safely and responsibly. 
  • Easily integrate our software with existing ERP, HR, inventory and other products for a seamless experience.
  • Reduce tampering of crime scene evidence by tagging and tracking all collected exhibits. 
  • Meet compliance and safety obligations of all operational equipment. 
  • Mobility solutions offering off-line capability when connectivity is poor ensuring operational continuity is maintained. 
  • Maintain vigilance in monitoring qualifications, impairment checks, fleet management, supplies, exhibits, and evidence to ensure consistent practices. 
  • Reliable data for informed asset planning decisions. 
  • Reduce time taken for management of assets which directly translates to improvements in efficiency, more time for policing work and improved cost effectiveness.

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