The construction sector handles large and complicated projects, increasing the need for capable equipment management and tool management systems. Tracking equipment and tools throughout their lifecycle, maximising resource utilisation, enhancing productivity, and assuring long-term sustainability. Construction asset management aims to maximise asset value while minimising costs and strengthening workplace safety. Asset management software promotes informed decision-making, increases operational effectiveness, guarantees regulatory compliance, and extends asset lifespan through preventative maintenance schedules. Regular maintenance reduces the impact on productivity arising out of missed calibrations and maintenance events.


It is useful to monitor expensive and scarce tools and equipment to obtain more insight into their use. The most significant benefit of using software for construction asset tracking is having a record of the last user and location in case a tool is misplaced. You can find out what project they used it for and where they last used it. As replacing missing tools will get expensive over time.


Visibility Over Your Entire Tool Inventory

Asset management increases equipment productivity, which results in cost savings, and effective upkeep and care extends the life of your assets. Downtime and inefficient processes have a detrimental effect on the bottom line if tools and equipment are misplaced, ‘walk off the job site’ or break. The construction asset management and tool management software from Hardcat helps you maintain optimal company efficiency.


Tracking Tools And Equipment

Tracking tools and equipment via Barcodes and/or RFID tags discourages misuse by employees and generates accountability for the tools and equipment they use. It’s critical that you have a comprehensive view of all assets across the entire portfolio of your construction and building projects. Tracking tools and equipment across multiple locations and job sites permits accurate reporting of any lost tools and equipment, due to theft, or mismanagement.


Issuing Tools And Assets

Hardcat Tool Manager lets you know exactly where all your tools and equipment are, where they have been, and who has been responsible for them at any given time. Simplifying the process of issuing tools and equipment eliminates lines at workshops, delivers accountability, and allows for reduced tool and equipment loss and misuse. Report on each construction worker, which tools they have checked out, how long they have had them for, what they are using them for, and when they are due back. Hardcat tool tracking provides detailed records for each worker as well as external contractors.


Testing And Maintenance

Conduct a pre-start visual to inspect all tools, testing equipment and PPE before each use for signs of damage. Using Hardcat, the inspection results can be entered against each item using our mobile app. To ensure that equipment is in good working order before use. Regularly testing equipment provides the level of protection required for Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations. Testing intervals will depend on several factors including the frequency of use, the environment in which it is being used and manufacturer’s advice.



  • Stalled productivity
  • Tool losses
  • Missed warranty claims
  • Missed calibrations
  • Missed maintenance events
  • Underutilising your tools



  • Where your tools are
  • Who has them
  • When they are due back
  • What they are being used for




Hardcat’s software solutions allow construction companies to structure and categorise their entire tools and equipment register as well as  report on a wealth of information about each piece of equipment. Our state-of-the-art customisable asset management software dashboards and mobility apps gives you access to key information anytime and from anywhere. By having actionable intelligence for tool management at your fingertips, Hardcat solutions enables you to make timely and accurate business decisions keeping you ahead of the curve and not having to be on the back foot all the time. Hardcat solutions help our clients realise ISO 55000 principles within their organisation and are designed to enable you to achieve compliance and to validate your asset insurance valuations.

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