Any time tools and equipment are lost, ‘walks off the job site’ or breaks down; downtime and process inefficiencies negatively impacts the bottom line. Hardcat’s tool management software keeps your business running at peak efficiency. Managing assets, tools and equipment utilisation and maintenance reduce the impact on productivity arising out of missed calibrations and maintenance events.


Tracking tools and equipment via Barcodes and/or RFID tags discourages misuse by employees and generates accountability for the tools and equipment they use. It’s critical that you have a comprehensive view of all assets across the entire portfolio of your construction and building projects.


Our state-of-the-art customisable dashboard and apps allows you to access key asset information anytime and from anywhere. By having actionable intelligence at your fingertips, Hardcat solutions enables you to make timely and accurate business decisions keeping you ahead of the curve and not having to be on the back foot all the time. Hardcat solutions help our clients realise ISO 55000 principles within their organisation and are designed to enable you to achieve compliance and to validate your asset insurance valuations.


Tool management delivers savings through increased equipment productivity, whilst efficient care and maintenance sustain your items for longer. Simplifying the process of issuing tools and equipment eliminates lines at workshops, delivers accountability, and allows for reduced tool and equipment loss and misuse. Tracking the equipment across multiple locations and job sites permits accurate reporting of any lost tools and equipment, due to theft, or mismanagement.

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