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What is Hardcat Lebosi?

Hardcat Lebosi is an enterprise asset management software that helps organisations manage their physical assets throughout their lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal.

What are the key features of Hardcat Lebosi?

Some of the key features of Hardcat Lebosi include asset and inventory tracking, accountability, and compliance management, controlling asset restriction, preventative and reactive maintenance, and work order management. Maintain accountability for a wide range of equipment so you can be always certain about who has what and where with a complete audit trail of all movements, and history of transfer of custodianship.

What types of organisations can benefit from using Hardcat Lebosi?

Hardcat Lebosi is suitable for a wide range of organisations, including manufacturing companies, utilities, government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare organisations, and more.

How does Hardcat Lebosi help organisations save money?

Hardcat Lebosi helps organisations save money by reducing asset downtime through better maintenance scheduling and management, reducing asset loss or theft through better tracking and inventory management, and reducing unnecessary asset purchases through better procurement management.

Is Lebosi easy to use?

Lebosi is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with a customisable interface and easy-to-use features. However, some training may be required to fully utilise all the software’s capabilities.

Is Hardcat Lebosi customisable?

Yes, Hardcat Lebosi is customisable to meet the unique needs of different organisations. The software can be configured to support different asset types, workflows, and reporting requirements.

What types of assets can be managed with Hardcat Lebosi?

Hardcat Lebosi can manage a wide range of assets, including equipment, vehicles, buildings, IT assets, and more.

Can Hardcat Lebosi integrate with other software systems?

Yes, Hardcat Lebosi can integrate with other software systems, including accounting software, ERP systems, and Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) .

What type of support is available for Hardcat Lebosi users?

Hardcat Lebosi users have access to customer support via phone, email, or support portal. There are also user guides, training materials, and an online community forum available to help users get the most out of the software.

Can this solution be suitable for IT assets? Is the fetching of IT assets by the User Portal automatic or manual?

IT Assets can be onboarded efficiently either individually via the user interface (Web or Mobile application), bulk upload via import files or automatically as part of an enterprise’s procurement systems via an integration with the relevant IT systems (e.g. ERP). The Hardcat Lebosi provides the ongoing tracking of assets throughout its lifecycle with information such as location, accountability and servicing.

Does it support raising indent for an asset by an employee? Does it support raising tickets?

All users can raise a ticket in the system if enabled by their role. This can be streamlined by utilising single sign-on (SSO) for login to the solution and having their dashboard created with a tile to allow the user to raise a ticket. All tickets raised will be visible to the supporting IT department who can then triage, apply a priority and assign to a support person to help resolve the ticket. All actions on the ticket are tracked by users recording their personal actions to resolve the issue, record their outcomes and time. Utilising the ‘actions’ function will work out the labour costs for these actions.

Is SLA being monitored for internal teams and third-party vendors?

In case an organisation has an existing ticketing system or ITSM Tool, Hardcat Lebosi solution can work in conjunction with that ticket management system where the Lebosi integration framework can enable the support for suitable interactions between such systems. SLAs are being monitored internally as well as with third-party systems.

Does it display the historical date of the Asset while entering / creating a new Job?

Hardcat Lebosi maintains all attributes, and job history along with the date during the asset lifecycle.

Does the solution provide for patch management?

Hardcat Lebosi is a modern web-based application that users access via web browsers (Chrome/Edge/Firefox, etc.) on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Hardcat Lebosi is highly configurable and can be integrated with third party tools and applications that provide patch management, via the use of Hardcat Lebosi API’s.

Will Hardcat be providing the scanners and RFID devices as a part of the solution?
As a turnkey project, Hardcat will provide all the accessories required for the solution. Hardcat provides end-to-end solutions to its customers including the necessary IT hardware, accessories, and tools.
Does Hardcat Lebosi support the integration of other sensors installed on assets? (For example, GPS trackers, heat sensors, and vibration sensors).

Hardcat Lebosi can be part of a larger Internet of Things (IOT) solution where data from the IOT devices and their associated sensors can be sent to the Hardcat Lebosi software via the integration framework, to be recorded against the relevant asset record as well as, to trigger actions for creating work orders related to those events. We live in a world where IoT represents a substantial opportunity to garner greater asset intelligence than ever before.

Can Hardcat Lebosi scan IT hardware across different office locations and populate an inventory list?

In the instances where the businesses require the IT device’s software management, then that specific functionality (eg. application versioning and updating of software) can be integrated with Hardcat Lebosi to provide a comprehensive solution. Specifically, asset records can be configured to support the recording of product-specific information, including attributes like warranty details, expiry dates, current version number etc.

Hardcat has experience with providing Enterprise Asset Management Solution (EAMS) that integrates with systems specifically managing the IT equipment via the Hardcat Lebosi interface capabilities within its integration framework. 

Some examples of previous integrations are:

  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007.
  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012.
  • Frontrange Centennial.
  • Express Metrix.
  • Interface to GASP V7.
  • Intel LANDesk.
  • Microsoft Systems Management Server
How does Hardcat ensure data security for remote customers without any extra maintenance/service cost to the IT team?
Hardcat has a complete suite solution for cybersecurity. Hardcat’s solution will include all necessary cyber security components to ensure that your data is completely secure. The cost of such services is a part of the overall solution.
Will you be able to customise the app as per requirements? How seamlessly does Hardcat Lebosi slot into an existing technology ecosystem?
During the discovery phase of the implementation project, the specific customer needs are analysed. Solution design is developed, and the necessary configuration is done to fulfil the needs of the customers. Where the solution demands functionality outside of those core asset management capabilities of Hardcat Lebosi, the Hardcat team will create a suitable solution using additional third party software that augments and works in harmony with Lebosi, using the integration framework and available API’s.
Does Hardcat provide alerts for IT hardware performance issues?

Where an enterprise solution architecture contains an application performing active operational supervision of equipment, Hardcat Lebosi can play its role within the solution design as an EAMS. Key parameters can be recorded and made visible on an asset record using events via the Lebosi integration API’s. However, it must be noted that the Lebosi application is not intended to provide the network supervision functionality.

Where the solution demands functionality outside of those core asset management capabilities of Hardcat Lebosi, the Hardcat team will create a suitable solution using additional third party software that augments and works in harmony with Lebosi, using the integration framework and available API’s.

What are the parameters considered for pricing the Hardcat solution?
Pricing is based on the number of assets and number of users. Additionally, a one-time implementation cost is applicable based on the size of the project.
If I have an existing asset management tool for HR operations like employee login, can Hardcat be integrated into such local systems?

Hardcat Lebosi has an integration framework that enables it to become part of an enterprise IT ecosystem. It is common for such solutions to automate the user management for the EAMS via integration with the enterprise HR system as well as the authentication solution (SSO) to enhance the overall user experience.

What kind of reports are available from Lebosi? Can we get Dashboard/ Reports samples?

A variety of reports typically applicable for EAMS needs, come as standard with Hardcat Lebosi. If your business needs a specific report, then additional custom reports can be developed as part of a customer project. 

Sample dashboards and reports can be made available, on request.

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