Evidence and Exhibit Management

Do you have complete chain-of-custody of your evidence?
Evidence Management Software

Careful evidence handling is essential for organisations, justice and law enforcement. Monitoring the chain of possession is crucial. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of evidence. Every bit of evidence has the power to impact a case, demonstrating the requirement for accuracy, responsibility and accountability.


Evidence management software is critical. It ensures the integrity, security, and efficiency of handling evidence and it’s custody chain across various industries and contexts. It contributes to the fair and just resolution of legal matters. Evidence management software lets you streamline evidence tracking. It covers every step from collection to presentation in court. Our evidence solution securely logs, tracks, and retrieves any item of evidence with just a few clicks, thereby saving valuable time and resources.


Use Cases Of Evidence Management Software


Law Enforcement Agencies

Police departments and law enforcement agencies use evidence software. It keeps track of the evidence gathered during criminal investigations. It guarantees the integrity of the evidence as well as its admissibility in court.


Legal Practices

Software for organising evidence is used by law firms and legal practitioners to prepare evidence for court and litigation. It aids in case preparation and presentation.


Government Agencies

Regulations are enforced by government organisations such as anti-corruption commissions. To handle evidence of infractions and enforcement actions, they employ evidence management software.



Software for evidence is used by corporations and enterprises in internal investigations, audits, and legal disputes. It facilitates their handling of papers and proof.


Evidence and Exhibit Management Components


  • Creation of a database for indexing, and the identification of items
  • Tagging using technologies like Barcoding, QR codes, and RFID tags
  • Document processes, issuance and receipt of items, and disposal procedures
  • Streamline and automate the management of evidence, improve tracking and retrieval, and enhance security and accountability
  • Chain of custody, safe and secure storage of seized and/or gathered evidence, and timely disposal in accordance with the law


Ensure The Integrity Of Evidence With Hardcat


Search and Audit Capabilities

Powerful search capabilities that allow the user to slice and dice the data and quickly find the evidence record they are looking for. Audit of the evidence stored can be performed by means of our mobility solutions reducing the time taken from days to mere hours and minutes.


Complete Chain Of Custody And Court Reporting

Complete evidence and exhibit tracking allowing for end-to-end control together with an audit trail from initial capture all the way to final disposal. The Hardcat solution provides a consolidated view of all items as well as a complete and unbreakable chain of custody. This is made possible by combining advanced design and the latest technology.


Safety and Security

Ensuring the safety and security of confiscated materials is crucial for preserving the integrity of the evidence. Hardcat’s evidence and exhibit management solution ensures that access limits are in place. It also ensures regular monitoring and audits to safeguard the items. Implementing these measures reduces the risk of tampering, theft, or damage. This preserves the evidence’s integrity. Also, explosives, bio-hazard items, and other high-risk evidence are clearly marked in the system. This protects those who handle them.


Data Visibility

Hardcat Evidence Management has a powerful tool which goes way beyond traditional security. It is based on data partitioning which mandates the scope of data visible to a user. Administrators define domains which grant permissions to access specific data relevant to user tasks, assisting in maintaining the accuracy and validity of data, while providing people with the information they need to get the job done.




Gain peace of mind with Hardcat’s software solutions, which offer an unassailable chain of custody record for impeccable accountability. Safeguard your legal integrity and attain comprehensive control over evidence, ensuring a chain of custody audit trail that endures the scrutiny of any court.

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