Evidence and Exhibit Management

Do you have complete chain-of-custody for crime scene exhibits and evidence?

In the realm of law enforcement and justice, the importance of meticulous evidence management and chain of custody tracking cannot be overstated. Every piece of evidence holds the potential to shape the outcome of a case, making precision and accountability paramount. That’s where our evidence management and chain of custody tracking software solution steps in. With our innovative technology, you can streamline every aspect of evidence handling, from collection to presentation in court. Imagine a system where every item is securely logged, tracked, and easily retrievable with just a few clicks, saving valuable time and resources. Our software not only ensures compliance with stringent regulations but also enhances the integrity and transparency of your evidence management process.


Implementing an evidence management system ensures precise tracking and control of all evidence and exhibits, preventing loss, tampering, or mishandling. By integrating Hardcat’s Evidence Management system, organisations can streamline procedures, adhere to legal standards, and enhance credibility in legal proceedings, thereby boosting operational efficiency and trust in integrity.


Gain peace of mind with Hardcat’s robust evidence management solution, providing an unbreakable chain of custody record for impeccable accountability. Protect your legal integrity and attain comprehensive control over evidence management, ensuring a chain of custody audit trail that endures the scrutiny of any court.

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