Loan and Lease

Are your loaned and leased items being returned?
Loaned (Issue and Return) And Leased Assets

Asset management involves not only tracking the whereabouts of your purchased assets but also lease management and assets that have been temporarily loaned (checked-in and checked-out) to other departments or personnel. Including information on who borrowed the items, when they were borrowed, and when they should be returned. Technical or business equipment can also be rented and tracking the whereabouts and usage of these assets is important to comply with various conditions relating to the use of equipment.


Equipment Lease Management Software

Lease management refers to the management of all activities within the leasing lifecycle, from installation to end-of-lease activities. Organisations should track equipment leasing operations, documents and contracts, and pricing. This will assist with compliance and tax management. Asset leasing is mostly controlled by asset managers, while its reporting features are critical for executives who make decisions regarding their company’s portfolio of assets.


Benefits Of Tracking Loaned And Leased Assets


  • Identify every leased asset
  • Manage lease contracts
  • Track who has the item
  • Create and track every lease schedule
  • Stay in compliance
  • Share visibility across your organisation
  • Manage loaned assets at scale
  • Reduce operating costs by sharing assets
  • Track duration and return dates
  • Efficient tracking to prevent loss or misplacement
  • Issue and return (check-out and check-in) equipment via mobility solutions
  • Book loans of equipment in advance
  • Ensure no double bookings of loaned assets


Are Your Loaned Items Being Returned?

Managing the loaning out of assets streamlines equipment sharing, enabling quick allocation of borrow items for temporary use. This reduces the need for additional purchases and saves your organisation both time and money. The organisation should have a clear overview of asset allocation, showing who has which items and their return dates, alerting you to overdue returns. Effective loan management prevents double bookings, minimising asset losses and administrative errors. Monitor individuals assets and their movements via a building, department or individual, giving you a tidy audit trail of who has what and where it is being used. This is incredibly helpful in streamlining operations as you’ll be able to indicate to your team that assets are either available or unavailable to loan for a period of time.


Manage Personnel Qualifications, Certifications, Training And Expiration Dates

Our enterprise asset management utilises personnel certifications, accreditations, courses and impairments for controlling asset restrictions. The system can be integrated into your existing HR application to easily issue and return equipment through barcode/RFID scanning. Identifying personnel qualifications and impairments during the issuing process saves time and creates diligence around the responsible check-out of assets and meets safety and compliance requirements. Ensuring only personnel with the correct certification can have access to certain assets.


Reduce Resource Consumption

By identifying underutilised equipment and allowing colleges to utilise them (optimising usage), businesses can eliminate unnecessary purchases and reduce resource consumption, thereby lowering their environmental footprint. Achievement of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives is imperative to the success of any organisation.




Hardcat’s software solutions keep track of items that are temporarily on loan or leased. Tracking where items are, who has them and their expected return date. Maintaining a comprehensive record of safety checks and maintenance activities is paramount for ensuring the reliability and safety of assets you loan or lease. Our enterprise asset management solutions enables organisations to document and track safety inspections, maintenance schedules, and service history, providing crucial insights into the condition of your mobile assets.

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