Defence industry asset tracking system requirements are uniquely complex due to the high cost, technical sophistication, and critical nature of the assets involved. Effective asset management in this sector demands specialised maintenance, comprehensive lifecycle management, readiness for deployment, integration of advanced technologies, and strict regulatory compliance. These factors collectively ensure that defence assets remain dependable, effective, and ready to support national security objectives at all times.


Leaner, More Flexible And Responsive Operations

The specialised nature of defence assets necessitates maintenance and support that go beyond standard procedures. Each piece of equipment often has unique maintenance schedules, requiring highly trained personnel and specialised tools. This specialised maintenance is critical to ensure the longevity and operational efficiency of defence assets, which directly impacts national security.


Maintaining Readiness for Deployment

One of the most critical requirements in defence asset management is maintaining readiness for deployment. This involves asset tracking systems to ensure that all assets are in a state of operational readiness at all times, which can be particularly challenging given the complexity and technical nature of the equipment. Readiness involves not only the physical state of the assets but also the location of assets, availability of trained personnel, the adequacy of spare parts, and the readiness of support systems.


Hardcat Asset Tracking Systems Functionality

Hardcat’s asset tracking systems are battle-tested to ensure they meet and exceed the toughest expectations from defence forces around the world. The software has been developed utilising the Hardcat nGen® platform, a model driven technology allowing military personnel to adjust our system accordingly to meet their requirements rather than changing their processes to fit the solution. Hardcat solutions empower defence forces with greater availability and performance across its platforms ensuring the assets are ready when and where they are needed. Our solutions leverage over 10 years of working with defence forces and continue to deliver superior value.

  • Rapid issue of assets to ensure operational efficiency is not compromised
  • Classified material accountability
  • Ammunition administration
  • Aircraft detachment pack-up kit inventory
  • Engine maintenance tool control program.
  • Life-saving equipment inventory and maintenance
  • Shipboard tool issue and audit
  • Hazardous material control
  • Centralised data repository with restricted views
  • Disconnected state asset management for high security environments
  • Configuration capabilities allows expansion into any asset type without requirement for expensive and time-consuming support requirements
  • Enhanced asset and inventory tracking with complete visibility of all issued items
  • Usage trend analysis to determine how assets are used to assist with planning for retiring and replacement of assets
  • Maintain accountability for a wide range of ordnance and operational equipment
  • Standby equipment is able to be deployed at a rapid pace via RFID technologies
  • Report on equipment currently have out in the field, and who has them as well as activity logs (audit trail) for historical reporting
  • Maintenance activity tracking for compliance and safety
  • Manage hundreds of work orders per day that are updated using mobility solutions. Engineers can visit each compartment on board and see what work orders are required to be undertaken and update actions in the field
  • ISO 55000 certified – generate comprehensive reports on the entire history on all assets including associated costs and record of all activities thus meeting regulatory compliance obligations and fulfilling governance requirements.




Hardcat solutions are rigorously tested to meet and surpass the highest standards demanded by defence forces. Our enterprise solutions offer a comprehensive asset and equipment management system, designed to provide organisations with the fastest, simplest, and most efficient asset tracking of all equipment, from armoured vehicles to PPE. We empower defence forces with enhanced asset availability and performance, ensuring that assets are ready whenever and wherever they are needed.

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