Hotel Asset Management

Customer experience in the hospitality sector can easily be affected by the little things that can be overlooked, from furniture and fixtures in hotel rooms, to resort equipment, kitchen equipment, IT infrastructure, buildings, HVAC systems and more. It is therefore essential that everything runs smoothly in order to ensure guest satisfaction. For over three decades, Hardcat solutions have been providing leading hotels, resorts and other hospitality industry customers with hotel asset management and tracking solutions.


By maintaining high operational standards and efficiently managing resources, hotels and resorts can provide a better experience for guests. Overall, an asset management system that includes scanning capabilities for asset identification (barcode, QR code, and RFID technology) for fast and easy maintenance and auditing, enables hotel owners and managers to operate more efficiently, make better strategic decisions, and increase profitability.


Asset Maintenance

Utilising a combination of Barcode, QR and RFID technology, alongside our world renowned Hardcat software, we provide our customers with the capabilities to achieve optimal maintenance management, ensuring your facilities are fit for use and provide a positive experience for your guests. Additionally, appropriate governance oversight enables compliance for critical assets and helps meet statutory or warranty obligations.


Preventive Work Order Tasks

Hardcat software is used by resorts to log maintenance work order tasks for critical infrastructure and fixed assets as well as recreational, marine, internal transport, equipment and major fittings in visitor and staff accommodation. Providing a complete audit trail of tasks that have been completed, work order alerts for overdue repairs, and expenses that have been accrued during the full lifecycle with our mobility solutions.


Reactive Work Order Tasks

For unscheduled maintenance incidences, supervisors have customisable web-based job log-in forms set up on their desktops. When a reactive task is identified they can log it and maintenance coordinators can allocate a tradesperson to the job.


Mobility Solutions

Using either Barcode, QR or RFID technology, our mobility solutions are straightforward and easy to use allowing our customers to effectively and accurately manage their asset through mobile devices. This drives efficiencies, cost savings and better customer service outcomes. Our Mobile app solutions create proficiencies within the workforce, updating records in the field.


Benefits of Hotel Asset Management

Workplaces are changing, operating infrastructure, keeping assets and equipment running, connecting personnel, and ensuring your environment is safe, whilst reducing costs and increasing profits becomes a difficult task to accomplish. With our enterprise asset management software, teams can collaborate more effectively, saving time and getting things done more efficiently. Another important aspect is auditing your assets to report an accurate picture of where assets are truly located.


  • Better Decision-making power
  • Affords broader facilities management
  • Empower managers at a granular scale
  • Anticipate costs
  • Plan for maintenance and upgrades
  • Minimise the total cost of ownership at the asset level




Certainty matters, which is why Hardcat software solutions are trusted by leading hotels, resorts and other hospitality industry clients across the world. Our solutions have been proven over 36 years and have met every challenge and maintained integrity throughout. Allowing our clients to reach their operational goals by driving efficiencies, cost savings and better customer service.

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