Customer experience can easily be affected by little things that can be overlooked including features and fixtures in hotel rooms, to furniture and larger fixtures, kitchen equipment, IT infrastructure, building, HVAC systems and more. It is therefore essential that everything runs smoothly in order to ensure guest satisfaction. For over three decades, Hardcat has been providing leading hotels, resorts and other hospitality industry customers with asset management and tracking tools.


Utilising a combination of Barcode and RFID technology, alongside our world renowned Hardcat software, we provide our customers with the capabilities to achieve optimal maintenance management, ensuring your facilities are fit for use and provide a positive experience for your guests. Additionally, appropriate governance oversight enables compliance for critical assets and helps meet statutory or warranty obligations. Our straightforward easy to use mobile audit tools allow our customers to effectively and accurately manage their asset through-out their life cycle, including maintaining an asset register at all times. Hardcat asset management solutions drive efficiency, cost savings and better customer service outcomes.

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