Enterprise Asset Management

Are you empowered to make informed decisions about your assets?

Enterprise asset management (EAM) is the efficient management of a company’s physical assets to monitor, maintain, and optimise them throughout their lifecycle. Our EAM solution tracks any type of asset (such as tools, PPE, equipment and machinery) to ensure effective operation and efficient use, ultimately extending asset lifecycles. Organisations can reduce downtime and improve productivity by managing repair history and cost, parts consumption, and more.


Hardcat EAM leverages advanced technologies to offer a holistic view of an organisation’s asset portfolio. It integrates robust governance features to manage risks, formulate asset strategies, ensure regulatory compliance, and enforce internal policies effectively. The system includes comprehensive functionalities for maintaining assets, ensuring safety standards, and managing asset disposal in accordance with environmental guidelines.


With accurate asset tracking and valuation capabilities, Hardcat EAM serves as crucial documentation for insurance claims, facilitating faster and more accurate pay outs. Moreover, it promotes sustainability by extending asset lifecycles through proactive maintenance practices, thereby increasing return on investment.


At Hardcat, we have the benefit of deploying our asset management solutions for over three decades and across a diverse portfolio of businesses in over 121 countries. Our market proven processes combined with our vast experience, offers you a structured approach. We remain at the cutting edge of software innovation, working with businesses large and small to achieve sustainable economic growth and discover insights that unlock endless opportunities.


What Is Asset Management Software?

Asset management software tracks, maintains, and refines an organisation’s resources with precision. It aims to maximise its value and cut risks throughout its lifecycle. This involves overseeing investments. It includes planning, buying, and supporting deployment. It also includes tracking operations and managing maintenance.


What Is EAM Software?

This is a more comprehensive asset management. Larger organisations with complex asset needs benefit from its tailored design. EAM has all the functions of basic asset register software, but it has advanced features which we will delve into. By combining different functions and systems, organisations can boost efficiency and cut costs.


Implementing an EAM solution will improve regulatory compliance and decision-making. This will lead to better asset performance and longer asset life which assists with environmental sustainability. Adopting a sustainability-oriented holistic view of assets is essential for successful business operations.


Unlocking the Power of Enterprise Asset Management

What is EAM? How does it operate? EAM works through a combination of software, asset identification hardware, processes, and best practices designed to manage the lifecycle and performance of moveable and non-moveable (physical and digital) assets. An EAM tool, when deployed, comes with multiple features for the management of the entire lifecycle of an asset.


Such tools help a company with the planning, acquisition and deployment, operation and maintenance as well as disposal of an asset. Further, EAM also ensures that an organisation’s assets are accounted for, they are tracked and being used while improving the delivery potential of assets and minimising the costs and risk involved. Read more on how EAM operates and transforms business efficiency.


Why You Need Enterprise Asset Management Software
  • Accountability; who has it or had it?
  • Asset traceability; where is it?
  • Asset status; lifecycle stage and condition
  • Relationships between assets; multi-level hierarchy
  • Manage activities; scheduled and ad-hoc
  • Optimal asset lifecycle reduces landfill
  • Organisational efficiencies via Integration
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Compliance and Governance
  • Reporting and insights


Enterprise Asset Management Software Advanced Features


Centralised Asset Information

A centralised repository holds all data about assets. This data includes details of their acquisition. It also includes their maintenance history and their current status. EAM software guarantees consistent and accurate information. It makes finding asset data easier and reduces errors.


Automated Workflows

Automate routine tasks and workflows. Tasks include maintenance scheduling, work order generation, and inventory management. Automation reduces manual work. It speeds up processes and ensures that tasks are completed on time. This improves productivity.


Hardcat’s enterprise asset management software provides the specialist capabilities you need for efficient asset management to support your business practices and is implemented to complement the existing business applications within your Enterprise IT ecosystems via integration.


Streamlined Maintenance Management

Preventive Maintenance is a proactive strategy for maintaining equipment and assets. It involves regular, scheduled maintenance to prevent unexpected failures and costly downtime. Preventive maintenance has two main goals. They are to make assets last longer and work better. It’s also aimed at cutting the risk of unplanned breakdowns. Maintenance teams can monitor and direct work orders on-site or at their workstation. This ensures that maintenance gets done on time and cuts equipment downtime.


Improved Resource Allocation

EAM software provides detailed insights into asset performance and usage. It does this via effective tracking and accountability. It helps organisations allocate resources better, cutting costs. Ensuring better resource allocation helps to use assets effectively. This reduces idle time and improves efficiency.


Enhanced Decision-Making

Asset management systems for enterprises offer advanced reporting and analytics. They let managers make informed decisions based on real-time data. Access to detailed reports on asset performance and lifecycle data assists in strategic planning. It also aids in making better decisions. EAM software is crucial for promoting safety, reliability, and efficiency.


Efficient Inventory Management

Track spare parts and consumables. Also, manage stock levels and reordering. This optimises inventory management and ensures that needed parts are always available without overstocking. It cuts inventory costs.


Compliance and Risk Management

Enterprise asset management helps organisations to comply with regulatory standards. It does this by keeping detailed records of all asset activities and maintenance history. This makes sure all compliance documents are readily available. Reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.


Sustainability and Lifecycle Management

Comprehensive lifecycle management ensures that assets are utilised efficiently, maintenance costs are minimised, and disposal processes are handled correctly, maximising asset value and reducing total cost of ownership. Achievement of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives is imperative to the success of any organisation.



Enterprise asset management software offers mobile applications. This provides field technicians with asset information when they are away from their workstation. They can create or finish work orders, take photos for evidence of work performed, create or edit asset records and do inspections on the go.


Mobility solutions improve data accuracy by allowing for asset auditing, so you can rely on the quality of your asset data. Reducing the need for workers to return to the office or their workstation increases productivity.


Improved Collaboration

EAM helps different departments, like maintenance, operations, and finance, communicate and collaborate better. Better collaboration ensures that everyone agrees. It cuts misunderstandings and boosts efficiency.


Scalability and Flexibility

An organisation can customise EAM software to scale and meet its specific needs. As the business grows or changes, you can scale the EAM software. It’s able to manage new assets and support more users. This ensures continued efficiency.




Hardcat’s software solutions are proven in the market. We enhance efficiency, automate workflows, and improve resource allocation, offering advanced analytics for better decisions. These advanced features lead to optimised operations, cost savings, and improved asset performance. Hardcat delivers certainty when it matters.


Our solutions are used by organisations as diverse as Defence, Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Services, Healthcare and Aged Care, Education, Hotels and Resorts, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil and Gas, Building and Construction, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Government delivering accountability and significantly improving profitability by offering real-time visibility of all types of assets.

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