Healthcare Asset Management

Healthcare organisations require a considerable and wide range of assets. With sensible planning and implementation of best practices, healthcare facilities can unlock the full potential of their assets. In your industry, there is no room for error. You need to have knowledge and control of your critical assets, facilities, and medical equipment. Asset monitoring and healthcare asset tracking provides a high level of service and safety for your workers, patients, and guests.


For a number of reasons, effective management of assets is essential. First off, it makes it possible for medical institutions to reduce waste and maximise resource usage. Effective asset management and asset monitoring guarantees that equipment and machinery is ready when needed, cutting downtime, and increasing operational effectiveness.


Through the identification of equipment using RFID and/or Barcodes you can report on assets that may need repairs or replacement and eliminate wasteful purchases. Enterprise asset management systems help minimise expenses. Healthcare and aged care organisations can save a lot of money by making the most of their assets’ lifetime and utilisation.


Healthcare Asset Tracking For Check-in And Check-out Assets

Our hospital asset tracking software not only enables you to monitor the location and maintenance schedules, but also the recording of item check-outs/returns to borrowers and loans to other departments. All movements are recorded so you know exactly where the item is and where it has been. Electronic check-in/out is captured from borrowers when they receive/return the item(s) in their possession. Storing detailed information, such as return due dates and the names of people/departments who have used the equipment. Authorised medical staff can access and edit this data based on their role-specific permissions.


Hospital Asset Tracking For Maintenance, Risk And Compliance

When medical equipment is maintained and calibrated on a regular basis, proper diagnosis and treatment, patient safety and high-quality care is assured. Furthermore, asset monitoring helps to ensure worker safety and organisational integrity by helping to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. Hardcat software solutions provide the specialist capabilities you need for efficient asset management to support your business practices and is implemented to complement the existing business applications within your enterprise IT ecosystems.


Hardcat’s healthcare asset management is used by facilities to deliver significant benefits including:
  • Manage preventative maintenance throughout the entire asset lifecycle
  • Schedule both ad-hoc and cyclical maintenance jobs to ensure optimal life of assets
  • Template repetitive work order maintenance tasks for efficiency and consistency
  • Manage risk and compliance by capturing all the required data to provide proof
  • Execute operational objectives, by providing the oversight and traceability to reduce risk and generate reports with a single click
  • Establish best practices by standardising procedures for complex operational requirements and management required with critical equipment


Hardcat’s hospital asset tracking and healthcare asset management software solutions are essential in healthcare and aged care industries for effectively managing all types of assets, such as medical equipment, patient handling aids, facilities, and other critical assets such as beds. With Hardcat’s software solutions you can manage the use, availability and location of diagnostic medical devices and life-support equipment with ease.




Hardcat’s software solutions for healthcare asset tracking creates work orders and help track the maintenance history of equipment. You can schedule preventative maintenance, manage reactive maintenance, and track compliance with industry regulations. By implementing our hospital asset tracking solution, organisations in healthcare and aged care can improve operational efficiency, extend the lifespan of assets, enhance equipment reliability, reduce downtime, and improve patient and resident care through better management of assets and resources.

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