Hardcat Enterprise Asset Management [EAM] solutions are essential in Healthcare and Aged Care industries for effectively managing assets like medical equipment, facilities, maintenance processes and other critical assets. Our solutions help track the maintenance history of equipment, schedule preventative maintenance, manage inventory and ensure compliance with industry regulations.


By implementing Hardcat EAM solutions, organisations in healthcare and aged care can improve operational efficiency, extend the lifespan of assets, enhance equipment reliability, reduce downtime and ultimately improve patient and resident care through better management of assets and resources.


Hardcat’s EAM solutions are used by Healthcare and Aged Care facilities to deliver significant benefits including:


  • Ensuring safety, effectiveness and availability of medical equipment and critical devices.
  • Managing risk and meeting compliance requirements by capturing all the required data and providing proof of compliance.
  • Delivering on operational objectives and providing the oversight and traceability to plan, reduce risk and generate reports with a single click.
  • Establishing best practices and standardised procedures for complex operational requirements and management required with critical equipment.
  • Providing asset intelligence derived from asset data collected and retained in the system which will improve planning and allow better decision making.
  • Delivering better patient experience and outcomes.

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