University Asset Management And Tracking Platform

At Hardcat, we have been providing education asset management and tracking solutions to leading universities and schools sector, globally for over 38 years. Utilising a combination of barcode scanning and RFID technology in conjunction with our world-renowned software, our solutions help you to demonstrate that your critical assets meet compliance objectives irrespective of whether they are for internal governance, Work, Health and Safety (WHS) or any other statutory or warranty obligations.


Our mobile audit tools allow our customers to effectively and accurately manage every aspect of all critical assets over its full lifecycle while also providing real-time asset registry accuracy and efficient auditing.


Invest In Performance

Having a strong enterprise asset management (EAM) system is important as ever. It continues to be essential to building a robust asset management strategy amidst the current business climate. Investing in long term efforts rather than over prioritising short-term performance goals are the smarter investment. In addition, sub-optimal asset data and deteriorating information over time impacts the ability to make informed decisions and to extract the maximum value from your assets.


Mobility And Integration

Our education asset management solution supports mobility in both connected as well as disconnected states. Both iOS as well as Android platforms are supported. Hardcat EAM is designed to enable simple integration into your existing ERP as well as HR applications.


• Financial performance: improving the return on investments and reducing costs can be achieved while preserving asset value and without sacrificing the short or long-term realisation of organisational objectives.


• Informed asset investment decisions: enabling the organisation to improve its decision making and effectively balance costs, risks, opportunities and performance.


• Sustainability and the environment: for example, reduce emissions, conserve resources and reduce waste. Demonstrate socially responsible and ethical business practices and stewardship.


• Improved services and outputs: ensuring the performance of assets can lead to improved services or products that consistently meet or exceed the expectations of students and stakeholders.


• Demonstrated compliance: transparently conforming with legal, statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as adhering to asset management standards, policies and processes, can enable demonstration of compliance.


• Enhanced reputation: through improved customer satisfaction, stakeholder awareness and confidence.


• Improved efficiency and effectiveness: reviewing and improving processes, procedures and asset performance can improve efficiency and effectiveness, and the achievement of organisational objectives.


By leveraging accurate asset data, schools and universities can:
  • Schedule timely maintenance
  • Plan IT equipment updates
  • Identify when computers will be unavailable due to updates and repairs, minimising disruptions
  • Track laboratory equipment and easily locate specific pieces of lab equipment and monitor their condition
  • Manage asset loans and leasing and track when particular assets are due for return



Hardcat’s education asset management solution is unique. We designed the software from over 36 years of educational asset tracking experience. It’s for organisations with many sites and thousands of assets. Hardcat’s software solutions give schools the software they need. It helps them streamline maintenance, track inventory, and ensure safety compliance. By managing assets well, schools and universities can optimise their budgets. They can also improve efficiency and safety for their students and staff.

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