In the education sector, Enterprise Asset Management [EAM] plays a vital role in efficiently managing a diverse range of assets, facilities, laboratories, IT equipment and maintenance resources. Hardcat’s EAM Solutions enable educational institutions to streamline maintenance processes, track inventory and ensure compliance with safety standards.


Implementing EAM solutions in schools and universities help optimise resource allocation, reduce downtime, contributes to cost-effective asset management, improves operational efficiency and enhances the overall learning environment for students and staff.


With Hardcat’s EAM solution, schools and universities are able to reduce spending on the replacement of lost or stolen assets. While also accurately tracking spending across all departments and not incur unnecessary costs.


Hardcat’s solution also provides access to a comprehensive visibility for all educational personnel. This includes teachers, department heads, administrators, school managers, to know the location, condition, and quantity of each asset.


An important part of keeping an educational institution running smoothly is making sure all critical assets are operating at maximum output. One way this can be achieved is with an effective maintenance and repair schedule. For instance, by checking the correct data stored in the system, schools and universities will be able to know when the school bus needs a service, as well as identifying when the computers in the IT department will be unavailable due to updates and repairs, where a particular piece of lab equipment is located or when a particular asset loaned is due for return.

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