IT Equipment Management

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All organisations have company-wide IT inventory (hardware assets) that they are responsible for. Technology equipment ranges from computers, keyboards, monitors, printers, telecommunications equipment, servers, drives, network HUBs to AV equipment and mobile devices. Technology is costly but essential, as it fuels business operations and directly impacts business revenue. Hardcat solutions provide a single source of truth for all your IT Assets.


Drop the spreadsheets and siloed tools. Data silos harm the value of your data and your business vision. So, they’re a real headache. Our technology offers solutions to stop it from happening.


  • Know your assets, their custodians, and locations from a single source
  • Information spread across multiple systems destroys your IT team’s productivity
  • Most IT knowledge is lost due to employee movements


Equipment inventory plays a critical role in the daily operations of every organisation and requires processes to track their location, verify their security and configuration, and manage their lifecycle. Effective practices are not only critical for ongoing operations but has profound implications on an organisation’s bottom line and operational efficiency.


Risks Of Not Managing Equipment Inventory
  • Unnecessary purchases
  • Potential downtime disruptions
  • License violations
  • Decreased productivity
  • Unable to report on or audit equipment
  • Failure to forecast future purchasing needs


Benefits Of Managing Equipment Inventory
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Better security
  • Reduce unnecessary purchases
  • Keep your assets running smoothly
  • Increased agility
  • Faster response time to IT equipment issues
  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Rapidly define and understand relationships between your assets and their components


Tracking Equipment Usage

Businesses must track and take responsibility for all IT inventory to increase productiveness and profitability. Organisations can maximise their budgets by way of tracking usage and preserving their equipment. Frequent protection and upgrades assists with IT equipment sustainability.


Equipment Auditing

Locating underutilised assets and relocating them to regions of greatest want averts needless purchases and makes better use of IT budgets. A verified, accurate asset register will facilitate better accountability while ensuring that an organisation’s good governance and regulatory compliance objectives are met. Equipment audits also discover assets that the organisation is incorrectly managing, either operationally or financially.


Improved Security of Critical Equipment

Outdated IT inventory often lacks the latest security features and patches. This makes it vulnerable to cyberattacks. Creating a lifecycle management plan ensures that all hardware and inventory items are up-to-date. This reduces the risk of security breaches and protects sensitive data.


Enhanced Equipment Performance

Updating, maintaining and replacing outdated IT inventory ensures the organisation reduces the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns and disruptions, keeping your business operations smooth and secure. This results in enhanced performance and productivity outcomes. Reliable equipment increases worker productivity.


ITAM Governance

Aligning people, process and technology through an established framework and standardised policies is key to achieving secure and compliant ITAM governance. It requires a lot of hard work, internal communication and collaboration, and the ability to demonstrate ROI.


Asset Auditing

Asset auditing is essential for strategic asset management and achieving high operational efficiency. Regular internal audits, following proper procedures and protocols, offer several benefits for an organisation. Ensure your asset management system data is up-to-date with regular audits and identify ghost and misplaced assets. Asset audits ensure early detection of misplaced critical equipment.


Decommissioning And Environmental Responsibility

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices are an important policy framework for organisations seeking to achieve sustainable and responsible IT operations. As organisations globally recognise the need to address ESG issues, the role of IT equipment management has become more apparent. Following environmental policies is important to the retirement of out-of-date equipment in an ethical manner.




Hardcat’s software solutions manage everything from machinery to vehicles, computers to specialised tools, as every asset needs to be accounted for throughout its lifecycle. Monitor usage, schedule maintenance, forecast replacements, and analyse performance data to make informed decisions. We provide a singular, organisation-wide view of who’s responsible for each item of IT equipment and providing the ‘source of truth’ for key details related to warranty, leasing, maintenance, and other data critical to your business decision making.

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