Fire and emergency services typically have extensive assets ranging from specialist emergency response vehicles, fire crew equipment, large fleet of other types of vehicles, communication devices, buildings, administrative and IT assets and much more. Therefore it is crucial that accurate information on the location and condition of assets is available 24/7.


Hardcat’s Enterprise Asset Management [EAM] solution offers best practice asset management processes by adopting ISO 55000 and is used in the development of asset management policies, strategies and planning to ensure data collected is accurate and usable, meets statutory compliance and governance requirements and creates staff engagement across the entire organisation.


Our solutions are used by fire and emergency services for maintaining and optimising equipment, vehicles, facilities and ensure readiness by managing preventative maintenance schedules, tracking inventory of critical supplies and improving overall resource allocation.


Hardcat EAM solutions provide a single source of truth across the entire organisation ensuring visibility of assets and assists fire and emergency services agencies enhance their operational efficiencies and be prepared for emergency situations.

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