Building and Facilities Management

Are your buildings and facilities running you?

Gain a comprehensive view of your entire asset portfolio, encompassing all buildings and facilities management, accessible anytime and from anywhere. Tracking time and resources is crucial for maintaining efficiency in facilities management. Hardcat’s facilities and asset management software solutions provide complete visibility of all your assets, enabling you to efficiently organise your resources to support both routine and reactive maintenance of all physical assets.


What is Building and Facilities Management

With Hardcat’s facilities management solution, you can monitor parts inventory to ensure accountability for part and tool usage, gaining a clearer understanding of the complete cost of facility management. The software also supports tracking a wide range of assets within the facility, including tools, vehicles, furniture, fixtures, building equipment, and more. Hardcat’s facility asset management software features customisable dashboards that create an engaging user experience and offer a single source of truth for all assets, from procurement to disposal. These solutions generate rich, actionable intelligence to help you plan, operate, maintain, renew, and retire any type of asset.


Facilities and Maintenance

Discover the transformative power of property management and maintenance software with Hardcat. Our state-of-the-art Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is more than just a tool; it is the cornerstone of success for facilities and building management teams worldwide. By seamlessly integrating essential tasks and centralising operations, Hardcat empowers businesses to operate with unparalleled efficiency.


Hardcat’s building asset management software is designed to provide a holistic view of your asset portfolio, making it accessible from any location at any time. This level of accessibility is crucial for keeping track of time and resources, ensuring that facilities management is both effective and efficient. Hardcat’s solutions offer a transparent overview of all your assets, allowing for the organised allocation of resources necessary to support both routine and reactive maintenance.


Parts and Tool Usage

In addition to managing maintenance, Hardcat’s facility management software tracks parts inventory to ensure accountability for the use of parts and tools. This feature not only helps in understanding the full cost of facility management but also promotes responsible usage and inventory and tools. The software’s tool management and tracking capabilities extend to various items within the facility, from equipment to vehicles ensuring comprehensive asset management.


Customisable Dashboards and Mobility Solutions

The customisable dashboards within Hardcat’s software enhance the user experience by providing an engaging and intuitive interface. These dashboards offer a single source of truth, delivering a clear and cohesive view of all assets throughout their lifecycle. The actionable intelligence derived from these solutions aids in planning, operating, maintaining, renewing, and retiring assets, making informed decision-making easier.


Field users can leverage the Hardcat Mobile Application, which is compatible with specialised hardware to enhance efficiency through Barcode and RFID scanning. This application can operate in both connected and disconnected states, providing offline capabilities when wireless (mobile or Wi-Fi) connections are unavailable.




Embrace the innovative capabilities of facilities management and maintenance software with Hardcat. Its ability to provide actionable intelligence makes it an indispensable tool for modern facilities management. Our advanced CMMS transcends traditional tools, serving as a fundamental asset for facilities and building management teams around the globe. By integrating key tasks and centralising operations, Hardcat equips businesses with the tools needed to achieve unparalleled efficiency and productivity.

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