Integrated EAM Solutions

Do your current IT systems fall short of your asset management needs?

Hardcat’s enterprise asset management software provides the specialist capabilities you need for efficient asset management to support your business practices and is implemented to complement the existing business applications within your Enterprise IT ecosystems.


Our software is an inherently open system designed with integration and sociability in mind. Interoperability and integration are inherent in the DNA of the product suite. Hardcat utilises our Integration Framework to map-out suitable business automation and implement solutions with capabilities that work in harmony and complement our client’s existing IT applications.


Interoperability – An Integral Element Of The Enterprise Ecosystem

From inception, Hardcat software embraces system interoperability, and this is achieved by a suite of powerful tools and techniques. Out of the box, Hardcat provides users with a powerful import and export capability. Imports/exports can be scheduled to meet data synchronisation requirements. All components of Hardcat software are designed to provide superior asset management capabilities which can stand alone or complement wider reaching ERP and finance systems such SAP, Oracle, Technology One, Dynamics and Maximo among others.


Application Import/Export Capabilities

Application import/export capabilities allow data to be consumed by the Hardcat solutions, and equally, for data to be delivered in a format that is highly portable and able to be used by external systems. For read-only access, the database itself may be queried for the likes of SQL Server Reporting Services, and we are very ready to attend to requests related to relationships to achieve the desired outcomes.


Application Programming Interface

For more sophisticated integration requirements involving complex data transformation, interpretation, or interpolation or more real-time-like responsiveness, Hardcat has a Professional Services Team ready to assist with integration or interface development via its comprehensive REST API.


Integration With Hardcat

Hardcat recognises that an entire solution is often comprised of lots of different systems, and we are dedicated to ensuring that the user experience is seamless, regardless of the systems involved. For real-time activities, the Hardcat Professional Services Team can tailor an interface to meet an organisation’s exacting requirements. The team will work closely with a customer and their (potentially) many product partners to answer the following questions:


  • What systems need to ‘talk’?
  • Why do they need to ‘talk’?
  • Who will be performing the integration?
  • What technologies are available to ‘talk’ to the other systems?
  • What data transformation needs to take place between systems?
  • What information goes in?
  • What information goes out?


For complex integration exercises with fairly closed systems, Hardcat can engage via an Information Broker – a set of tables or files which reside between systems and are shared by various parties – thus ensuring that only the required information is shared and the most appropriate integrators and vendors are consuming data.


Integration Experience

Hardcat has experience integrating to the largest and smallest packages, from ERPs to small, bespoke accounting systems and even hardware auto-discovery tools. For more complex, tighter integrations, Hardcat provides a number of seamless integration options via any combination.




Hardcat’s software solutions provide the specialist capabilities you need for efficient management of assets, buildings, tools and equipment. Our solutions complement your existing business applications within your enterprise IT ecosystems. Utilising proven combinations of enterprise asset management software, services, hardware, and hosting, leveraging offerings from Hardcat and our partners. We are happy to work with customers to ensure their Hardcat enterprise asset management solution produces the required results and leverages existing software investments maximally.

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