Delivering Asset Certainty

With more than 36 years in the business, we remain at the cutting edge of software innovation, working with businesses large and small to achieve sustainable economic growth and discover insights that unlock endless opportunities.

Who We Are

Hardcat Pty Ltd is an Australian owned software and services company, with our headquarters based in South Melbourne, Victoria. We pioneered Asset Management and since our inception in 1986, our sole focus has been to be a world leader in innovative asset and evidence management and tracking solutions.


Today we are a global enterprise, trusted by over 2000 of the world’s most prestigious corporate and government organisations in more than 120 countries. We work in partnership with our customers, wherever they are, to deliver better outcomes. Our solutions manage in excess of $15 billion of assets. We are proud of our achievements but also very aware that a company’s culture must be constantly nurtured to ensure there is equality and opportunity for all.

Hardcat solutions incorporate the latest RFID technology in both fixed and mobile readers. Clients using Hardcat solutions have reported dramatic cost and time savings of up to 98% which directly translates into bottom line results.

We are also mindful of the extensive damage being caused to our precious environment by indiscriminate and irresponsible disposal of end-of-life assets. Our partnership with multi-award winning FTD Circular aims to bring awareness towards habitat disruption, biodiversity loss and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Organisations can measure its impact towards waste and carbon reporting commitments with verified data.

A Brief History

In 1986

after listening to customers talk about not knowing what computer equipment they had, let alone where it was located and the cost.That was the beginning of Asset Management Software.

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In 1993

Hardcat started to with the arrival of the world wide web.

About Hardcat_Timeline_1993

In 2000

Hardcat launched in

About Hardcat_Timeline_2000

Hardcat launched its first Enterprise Solution to the New South Wales Police - EFIMS Evidence Tracking

In 2008

About_Hardcat Timeline_2008

In 2018

Hardcat Enterprise Weapons Management Solution was selected by Victoria Police

About_Hardcat Timeline_2018

In 2022

Hardcat introduces Mobility Solutions on IOS and Android for all its products

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In 1986

Hardcat partners with Yotta to provide end-to-end Enterprise Asset Management Solutions for Customers in India

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What We Believe

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to contribute significantly to the evolution of a world where organisations derive increasing overall benefits through the effective ownership, use and management of assets. Hardcat software solutions facilitate businesses large and small to achieve sustainable economic growth and discover insights that unlock endless opportunities.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to build, deliver and support unique and superior software solutions, innovative assets and evidence management-centric services, and consultancy. Hardcat is widely recognised and acknowledged as a world leader in the provision of best-practice asset whole-of-life management solutions. Hardcat the company plans well into the future with respect to supplying our client base with what they need. We have many clients who have been using Hardcat software to control their asset base for over 20 years.

Our Values

Our unique values describe, at the most fundamental level, what we stand for. These four values shape our brand, our culture, influence who we are, what we do and who we hire. These values are hard-wired into Hardcat’s DNA and will stay the same as we continue to evolve and grow.


Our customers tell us that our solution works every time. We have made it our mission to continuously improve our products to ensure they never let our customers down.


We are trusted by our customers because we never compromise on quality. This is the reason why we abide by ISO 55000 standards and take our work seriously.


We are constantly listening to how our solutions perform and are continuously transforming our solutions by applying learnings from everyday activities.


Customers are our lifeblood and we are privileged to work with some of the most reputable organisations in the world but we don’t let that go to our head. We consider ourselves small enough to respond quickly.

Business Partners


We’re proud to be trusted by over 2,000 organisations in over 121 countries for the integrity and reliability of our asset management software and services. How can we help you?