Hardcat Lebosi What’s New 2.15 New Software Release Features

What’s New in 2.15
Hyperlinks to Relevant Entity

New Feature: Foreign key hyperlinks within lists
Within all list screens within the solution, data columns now have the ability to provide a clickable hyperlink that will open that reference to review further details about that associated entity.


The solution has been configured to provide default hyperlinks in most list screens to review associated entities. Hyperlinks can be configured to meet individual client requirements.


Users can click on the Person’s name which will then open a new screen with that person’s profile shown.
To further ensure security of information within the solution, a new privilege has been introduced to restrict access to this feature on a Global level or on an entity by entity basis providing a high level of permission configurability.



  • Easier Navigation and flexibility instead of using the menu to find items and review details.
  • Time-saving benefit; more information accessible, like Product Information for an asset, like warranty cards, user guides.
  • Added security to ensure users are not opening sub-entities or associated entities.
  • Configurable to meet individual client needs.


Ability To Export Presets

New Feature: Ability to export Preset fields.
The Exporting functionality of Hardcat Lebosi has been expanded to include the ability to export Preset responses.



  • Offers increased export capability on fields that were previously not exportable.
  • Create expanded datasets for BI and analytic tools.


Generic List Dialog

New Feature: Viewing, searching, and exporting data.
Provides means of viewing, searching, and exporting data for all entities in the solution. In previous versions, only a limited number of selected entities were able to be searched and exported.


The Generic List Dialog is also useful for reviewing data within hierarchical entities, such as Location and Organisation Unit. In prior versions, finding a specific Location (for example) required navigation through the tree, which requires a degree of knowledge of the tree structure or alternatively looking in many folders, whereas the
Generic List dialog allows you to find the item directly.


The search below shows where location is equal to Asia, however you could use other criteria as required.
Please note this feature is not limited to only hierarchical entities – it is available for various entities across the system so is a very powerful feature. The permission model has been enhanced to include a new “usr_review” permission for controlling which entities are accessible through the Generic List dialog. Access can be applied either globally to all entities, or at a more granular level against a specific entity. Permissions are granted at the role level. Existing Roles do not automatically get access to the usr_review permissions. A suite of new roles has been created with varying entity access. This is to ensure users can only search and extract data that is relevant to their use of the solution.



  • The ability to search across all entities, across the entire system, providing easier and more intuitive Navigation.
  • Role-based permissions to control which users have access to this function for enhanced security.
  • Ability to export data that was previously only available using the Hardcat Administrative console.
  • Quicker search of entities, resulting in time savings


Export Security Controls

New Feature: Permissions
The permissions model has been enhanced so that the “usr_export” permission for exporting can now be applied at a more granular entity level. In prior versions, the export capability was a global permission and any roles granted that permission allows users with those roles the ability to export any entity in the system (for those entities providing an export function).


The global permission is still available for backwards compatibility, however the usr_export permission can now also be defined against a specific entity, allowing user roles to have finer-grained control over what entities can be exported (Note: users must also have SYS_SELECT permission in order to see data, prior to exporting).



  • Allows greater control and configurability of data that can be extracted by system users.
  • Accuracy and time savings


Support for Indian currency symbol and currency format

New Feature: Indian Rupee symbol
Ability to display the Indian Rupee symbol (₹) as the currency prefix and the Indian currency number grouping format in currency fields in the solution and report outputs.



  • Allows the use of Lebosi in the Indian market, where English based language systems are accepted.


Increased contrast on field labels

New Feature: Increased contrast
Increased contrast on field labels to improve visibility.



  • Beneficial for every user who uses the system as field labels are more clearly visible.
  • Especially noticeable when Lebosi is displayed on a projector.
  • Enhanced user experience.


Inventory Issue/ Return (Mobile)

New Feature: Issue and Return transactions
Ability to perform Issue and Return transactions for both Asset and Inventory items using the Hardcat Lebosi Mobile iOS or Android application. This feature contains all the same functionality as the desktop version. This feature can only be used in a connected environment.

  1. Once logged into Lebosi Mobile click on Issue and Return
  2. Configure the controlling options for the transaction. The first field shows the time the user entered this screen. Return Location: This is where the Assets are expected to be returned to. Return Cycle: This is automatically set based on the return location or a user can choose from one of the options in the preconfigured list or choose None. Expected Return Date: Date Item is expected to be returned. Prefer Last Used Inventory: if a given inventory item exists in multiple locations, consume inventory from the same place that was used previously.
  3. In Issue Return screen user can now scan or enter a person barcode to select the Person receiving or returning items.
  4. Upon scanning Person ID or entering barcode, the name of the Person who is receiving or returning items will appear at the top of the screen.
  5. User can now issue or return items by scanning or manually entering barcode.
  6. User now has the option to Issue or Return an item using the toggle switch control. Selecting save will save the transaction.
  7. If a Person already has Assets issued to them, scanning that Person’s barcode will show all items currently issued to them.
  8. User can then scan barcodes to return items as required.



  • Issue Return in the field – no PC required to perform Issue and Return transactions.
  • Smart business rules around the Issue Return process for governance.
  • Allows users mobility when conducting such transactions and saves double handling.


Mobile version awareness

New Feature: Version awareness
Version awareness has now been added to the Lebosi Mobile application. Future mobile application updates will continue to work with older versions of the Hardcat Lebosi system (subject to software lifecycle and end-of-life policies).



  • Latest versions of the mobile application will continue to work with older backends.
  • No need to perform software upgrades if not necessary for business.


Microsoft SQL server 2019 and 2022 Support

New Feature: Microsoft SQL Server
Both Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and 2022 are now supported as back-end RDBMS for the application.