Benefits of Fleet Management System

Fleet management is the process of managing and maintaining company vehicles (fleet), commonly made up of automobiles, trucks, and vans. Fleet management software may also assist businesses in looking after their drivers’ health and safety, as well as ensuring that they follow the relevant laws.

Fleet management solutions aim at reducing risks, improving safety and security, monitoring fleets, and optimising fleet operations. They help in reducing the total cost of ownership, protecting investments in assets, assisting asset inventory management, facilitating maintenance in compliance with vehicles’ Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) guidelines, and reducing repair costs by improving fleet safety.


Comprehensive Fleet Management Includes A Range Of Functions



Fleet operations will struggle to comply with federal and industry-specific fleet management rules, have difficulty planning vehicle purchasing effectively, and will lack visibility into their operations and maintenance costs without fleet management software.


Here are just some of the benefits of having a fleet management solution:
  1. Provide proof of compliance with federal and industry-specific fleet management regulations
  2. Optimise fuel management, lower fuel consumption and expenses
  3. Gain full control over vehicle procurement
  4. Complete visibility into fleet operations and maintenance activities and expenses
  5. Provide safer, more reliable vehicles
  6. Lower risk of accidents and improve driver safety due to oversight of driving behaviour and speeding violation monitoring
  7. Flag unauthorised use
  8. Uncover patterns, track trends, and make smarter decisions to enhance your fleet’s future, using detailed records of servicing history. Vehicle maintenance records will help you identify any reoccurring problems with your cars.
  9. Maintenance scheduling calculates reminders based on meter readings and date intervals, maintaining a list of services to be performed on your vehicles and when they are due.
  10. Get maintenance reminders for impending or past due maintenance, tyre life, issues/problems, licence renewals and more. Reporting is an essential element of fleet management and should help fleet managers report on maintenance schedules, driver safety, Hours-of-Service (HOS) compliance, and more.
  11. Warranty tracking on your vehicles (and parts) will result in significant savings in operational costs, directly impacting repair costs and extending the life cycle.


Comprehensive fleet management software optimises fleets and workflows, to help you reduce your costs and increase revenue. But what sets some software solutions apart from the competition, is in offering a complete end-to-end solution that can revolutionise the way you do business.


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