Hardcat V7 (VX)

Hardcat V7 (VX) New Software Release Features

What’s New in VX


MiCatX Issue and Return

New Feature: Issue and Return of Stock and Assets
The ability to perform Issue and Return of Stock and Assets to various entities in online and offline mode.


Clients can now perform Issue and Returns with their mobile device at the site of the transaction.


MiCatX Stock Module

New Feature: Stock Module Ftunctionality
The addition of Stock Module functionality into the MiCatX application. This module can be controlled per user under the Web/Micat Options for User tab in Hardcat desktop. This includes:

  • Stock Management: used for managing Stock levels / audit purposes.
  • Stock Transfer: used for assigning Stock to different entities.


Allows stock to be managed from the MiCatX phone application.


MiCatX Parent / Child Associations

New Feature: Parent Child Asset Functionality
MiCatX now has included parent child Asset functionality which has the ability to link a particular asset to its parent or add children assets to the asset that is open. (Requires MiCatX Version 4 or later).



  • Ability to make these associations externally using a mobile device.
  • Useful when auditing assets that have Parent / Child associations.


Purchase Order Maintenance Dates

Enhancement: Maintenance Dates
Addition of new functionality that lets you enter in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ Maintenance Dates into Line Items when creating a Purchase Order. These dates will then be passed on to the Asset once the Purchase Order has been delivered.



  • Allows the client to automatically pass on details to the Asset when it is delivered.


History Grid Enhancements

Enhancement: User Interface Changes
User Interface Changes to the grid display and available fields to make the History records easier to read, plus backend Improvements on performance of History areas.



  • Improved performance of History areas.
  • Easier to read the records in the grid.


Select Multiple Records in Grid

Enhancement: Grid
Enhancement to the grid that allows users to perform operations on multiple records at a time.



  • Saves time where only a few records would need to be interacted with rather than selecting individually.


Advance Notice for Maintenance Tasks

Enhancement: Advance notice period
Added the ability to set an advance notice period for Work Orders. The new controls allow you to set a number of periods ahead (e.g., days, weeks, months, or years) that a Work Order can be created for an Asset prior to the actual next due service date for that Asset.



  • Work Order generating is more flexible.
  • Clients can now further tailor their Tasks to generate work orders at the desired times.


Enhanced Login Page for Windows Authentication

Enhancement: HardcatWeb
HardcatWeb now has a new landing page for when Windows Authentication is enabled for single sign on use.



  • Ability to have multiple users signing into a ‘terminal’ system using their Windows credentials.