Actionable Intelligence where Certainty Matters

With more than 36 years in the business, we remain at the cutting edge of software innovation, working with businesses large and small to achieve sustainable economic growth and discover insights that unlock endless opportunities.

Why Should You Use Our Market Proven Solutions?

Our Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution, Hardcat Lebosi® is used by organisations across Defence, Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Services, Healthcare and Aged Care, Education, Hotels and Resorts, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil and Gas, Building and Construction, Information Technology and Government in over 121 countries, delivering accountability and significantly improving profitability by offering real-time visibility of all types of assets. Our Solutions manage assets valued over $15 billion and is used by nearly 400,000 users.

Hardcat operates under the mantra of actionable intelligence when certainty matters, which ultimately helps our customers not only meet their compliance obligations, but also enables them to produce proof of compliance when required. Our extensive expertise and unique ability to manage ‘different’ and ‘varied’ asset classes and evidence types (for example: documents, IT equipment, police firearms, operating theatre equipment or evidentiary proof in a court of law) is why no competition comes even close to the capability and capacity of a Hardcat solution.

Hardcat supports you achieving ISO 55000 compliance, which means an additional layer of reliance and confidence that our software will not let you down. It is further proof that Hardcat is doing the right things to achieve reliability and success for its customers.

Hardcat EAMS has several smarts built into the software which offers control over the chain of custody of all your high-value and critical assets, both fixed and mobile. The advanced tagging and tracking capability ensures you will never lose an asset. Alerts for preventative maintenance saves you from unnecessary downtime. There is much more to Hardcat EAM and we would welcome to tell you more and/or give you a short demonstration.

Hardcat is proud of the fact that many of our customers have maintained using Hardcat for more than 20 years, compared to the average life of software being approximately seven years. Hardcat continually enhances our software to meet new customer and industry requirements and constantly raises the bar for best-in-class asset management solutions.

One of the key benefits of using Hardcat is the significant reduction in time and increased efficiency thereby outweighing the initial investments.

Some of the other benefits of using Hardcat solutions include:

  • Fraction of the cost of equivalent large ERP systems.
  • Quick and easy to set-up and tailor to meet customer requirements.
  • Robust, established technology, proven in diverse markets and industry sectors.
  • Industry standard architecture providing effortless data sharing and dissemination.
  • One powerful database that can be segregated for different uses or projects.
  • Simple user interface allowing a short learning curve.
  • Modular and affordable implementation options.
  • Serious pedigree with reputable clients in over 120 countries.
  • GIS mapping integration allows users to see asset locations as well as maintenance works.
  • Access security allows restricted views e.g. user cannot see financial information.
  • Complete audit trail showing before and after values: ability to retrace steps.
  • Powerful Boolean search allowing rapid and relevant access to all data fields.
  • RFID and QR Code ready.
  • Scalable and configurable.
  • Smooth integration with other systems and products.
  • Ability to generate reporting outcomes to demonstrate compliance.

Here is an example of the significant reduction in time accomplished for one of our clients. At an average rate of $100 per hour, the hours saved in just one branch equates to $142,000. This company has 14 branches and so the total savings per year as a result of using Hardcat asset management solutions was nearly $2 Million.

Feedback from CFO of the organisation

“What took one week before, now takes minutes”

We’re proud to be trusted by over 2,000 organisations in over 121 countries for the integrity and reliability of our asset management software and services. How can we help you?